Exchange Server Recovery the Easy Way

Microsoft Exchange Server is not without its flaws. The Exchange Server database is hosted in an .EDB file with the potential of getting corrupted. This can be a crippling event as all of your users will suddenly lose access to their mail stores, calendars and contacts.
In this article, we'll show you how to perform Exchange disaster recovery and restore your users' email using an end-to-end Exchange recovery tool.

Step 1: Download and Install Microsoft Exchange Server Recovery Tool

Start the process by installing Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery. You can download the .edb recovery tool here (6.5 MB). After the download is finished proceed with the installation; make sure to download and install it on your Exchange Server and not on your user’s desktop. The process is straight-forward, just keep the default installation options.

Step 2: Select Your Exchange Server Database to Begin EDB Recovery

The first time you run Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery you will be asked to select the EDB file you want to recover. If you are not certain where the file is stored you can use the Find .EDB File feature to automatically scan your drives and locate the likely Exchange database.
You will also need to pick a destination path; this is the directory where the recovered email will be saved, in the form of one PST file for each user found in the Exchange Server database. More about that later!

Step 3: Start the Exchange Server Restore Process

At this point you are ready to begin Exchange data recovery. Just press Start and Stellar Phoenix will begin scanning your EDB file and recover your users, one-by-one. Each one will be saved in the destination directory that you selected in Step 2.

Step 4: Load Recovered Emails into Outlook

After the process is finished you will need to import each recovered PST file into user’s Outlook. The process is simple:
  • Open Microsoft Outlook on that user’s computer
  • Import the PST file by going to File menu, OpenOutlook Data File and selecting the PST file you just recovered
After the import is complete you will see a new Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair folder which will contain all of the restored email.
This process will also recover user’s calendar and contacts. If you cannot see any contacts try doing a quick search for them: press Ctrl+Shift+F to open the Search window, then select Contacts and press Find Now. You can then simply move the found contacts to your Contacts folder.

How to remove the text from the Desktop icon?

Desktop is the interface of Windows, which contain the icons, taskbar etc. that allow the user to interact with the computer to perform different operations. Usually the picture of icon represents its purpose so if you want your desktop looking very clean then you can remove the title under the desktop icons. May be you are thinking it is so easy, just go to rename option and set blank name or single spacebar entry but the problem is this, windows will not allow you to set blank name or name with single spacebar entry. Here interesting thing is this; window will allow you to use the ASCII code for a space, which is 0160.
First clear all the text from that icon
Now type the ASCII code, simply hold the Alt key, type the number 0160 from the number pad and release the Alt key then press Enter button to finish the process.
But if you want to remove the text of multiple icons, then repeat the above process with adding one extra ASCII code for second icon, (for example for second icon you type the 0160 twice and for third icon type 0160 three times with Alt key and so on).


Get Chrome like Tabs on Top Positioning in Firefox

Many People among us may have liked chrome interface for browsing. One of them is the tab positioning which is top most above the menu bar. Now Firefox users can also get the same with Tabs on top a small add-on to position tabs as like in Google Chrome.

Using this add-on is is simple without any complex settings. Just download the add-on and restart the browser. Now the very next start up you will find tabs on the top most position.

Once the add-on is installed and working, you can switch between the original position and the new position just by right clicking on the menu bar and checking or unchecking Tab Bar on top option.
This add-on has no functional use but if you have always tried out various method to customize firefox looks, then this might be an add-on that you may like to give a try.


Move Taskbar buttons to Center in Windows 7

Using docks are common when we talk about desktop customization. With the emergence of windows 7 there came in many new visual customization tools and tricks to enhance this experience. TaskDock is such an application that can center taskbar buttons and give you dock like feeling.
It is a free and portable utility with out any user interface. Just clicking on the applicationwill bring taskbar buttons to the centre from their default position beside the start button. The application can be found on the system tray, if you want to exit the application just right click on the application and exit. Exiting the application will also normalize the taskbar buttons to their default position.
This is a new application and you may experience bugs like delay in shifting buttons to their original place, for any comment or suggestion visit the developer’s page.
Download: TaskDock


How to attach multiple files at once in gmail?

If you are Gmail users and the only thing that bothers you is having to upload attachments one to one, here you bring the solution.
gAttach is a tiny application (1 MB) that is installed in the Windows operating system allowing attach multiple filesat once in the accounts of gmail and Google for Applications (apps)
With gAttach!, you can:
  • send emails directly from:
    • Windows Explorer
    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • Windows Live Photo Gallery
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • .. and many more
  • automatically attach files from your PC to a new email without manually uploading each file;
  • choose to suppress the annoying standard text provided by Windows (“Your attachments are ready to send..”);
  • handle “mailto” email links in web pages.
Excellent option till Google itself provides such a facility on gMail.


How to Install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7?

AS you start using Windows 7, you find out that a few of the good Windows applications are not there. It is very easy to take care of that. You can install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7 and so get your desired Microsoft applications in your computer. You should install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7 as Microsoft has not added a number of former applications e.g. Photo Gallery, Messenger and Mail in Windows 7. Jointly called the Windows Live Essentials, the group consists of Family Safety, toolbar, Writer, Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and Messenger. This group of applications is now accessible by a simple additional download.   Microsoft has done this in order to renovate as well as make progress in those features and not disturbing the foundation of Windows 7.
To install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7 and thus get the Microsoft applications, you have to follow these steps:
Click on the Start button.
Go to Getting Started in the Start menu.
Choose Get Windows Live Essentials.
The Windows Live page will appear. Choose your language and click on the Download button. 
Check the boxes of the MS programs you want to install. These include Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Mail and Messenger. Additional feature of Family Safety as well as a Toolbar can also be installed.
 Click Install to download.  
You will see this progress screen as the selections are being installed.  It will take time according to the number of programs you have selected.
You can find the installed programs in the Start menu under Windows Live.
When you install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7, you will as well get an extensive variety of additional components associated with the key applications. The users will find out that the Essentials installer will furthermore install .NET Framework, Microsoft Sync Framework Services, Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime, Search Enhancement Pack, Windows Live Sync, Direct3D 9, Microsoft Application Error Reporting etc. 

How to Manage your Documents and Files with Libraries in Windows 7?

With the old editions of Windows like XP and Vista, it can be a tiresome job to manage documents, photos, music etc that are present in different directories on the hard drives. The new feature named Libraries in Windows 7 helps you to organize all your folders from different locations in the hard drives in a single place.
Follow the given steps to use default Libraries in Windows 7:
To access the Libraries in the computer, click on Start.
Click your user name to open your personal folder. 
Click on Libraries in the left pane. You will be able to see the 4 default Libraries: Documents, Videos, Pictures and Music.
Libraries in Windows 7 reveal files stored in different hard drives of the computer. This is what a Music Library looks like.   
You can make your own Library in addition to the ones that already exist.  
How to Make Your Own Libraries in Windows 7: 
Click on the New Libraries button in the left pane.
 A new Library will come up simply like a new folder.
 Label your new Library. 
As you go into your new Library, you can add new files, documents, as well as new folders.
In order to add new folder locations to the Library, you just have to click on the hyperlink that displays the present number of locations.
Click the Add button to include other locations of your computer.
 Right-click on the Library icon.
 Select Properties and add a folder from there.
In addition to this, you can Right-click on a folder and include it in any library as you are navigating the explorer.
All this will make a little change to the user interface. It is very good feature and makes the navigation of folders and files very easy.

How to insert Flash Movies into PowerPoint slides?

MS PowerPoint is a powerful and attractive tool to express your ideas to others. You can convey these ideas in more effective ways, if you are using movie files with your simple slides. The Flash movies are normally the best choice to add into PowerPoint due to its small file size.
Follow the given steps to insert the Flash Movies into PowerPoint Slides:
Make sure before inserting the Flash Movies into PowerPoint slides that you have installed the Flash Player on your computer.
First of all open the presentation in which you want to insert Flash movie file.
Now click on "Toolbar" option from the "View" menu and choose the option "Control Toolbox".
Here a small floating menu will appear with the title "Control Toolbox".
Using "Control Toolbox" toolbar, click on the icon that looks like hammer for more controls and scrolling the objects then choose the object "Shockwave Flash Object".
Now using your mouse pointer, draw the box size and position where you want to play a flash movie.
Now right click on box and select the "Properties" option.
A small properties dialog box will appear with different options.
Under the Alphabetic tab, click the option "Movie" and type the full file path of flash movie in blank cell next to Movie (for example d:\flash_file). 
Again under same tab, set the property "True" for "Playing" and "EmbedMovie" objects to add and play the flash file automatically with slide. Here you can also set the Quality, Width, Scale and Windows Mode objects for flash file.
Finally close the "Properties" dialog box. Save your PowerPoint presentation and run it for test.

How to Create a Network Connections Shortcut in Windows 7, Server 2008 and Vista Too!

One of the nasty annoyances in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 operating system was and still is, for me, the lack of ability to easily access the computer's network interface cards' properties.

True, you *could* right-click the network connection icon in the tray area, select "Open Network and Sharing Center", then click on the "Change Adapter Settings" link. But that's just too many clicks away.

True, you *could* do it through the Control Panel, type "netw" or something similar in the Search box, then click on "View Network Connections" link. Again, just too many clicks away.
True, you *could* do it by running ncpa.cpl from the run command. But again, too much typing.
True, you *could* simply drag the icon of one of the network interface cards to the desktop and create a shortcut, but that's only a shortcut, and it does not have the regular "properties" options that the NICs should have. So that's no good.
So, how do I get the "Network Connections" icon on my desktop?

To get the "Network Connections" icon on your desktop follow these steps:

1. Right-click an empty spot on your desktop and select "New" > "Shortcut".
2. When prompted to type in the location, enter the following line:
explorer.exe ::{7007ACC7-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E}
Note: Just copy the above string. Note there's a space after the "explorer.exe".
3. In the name type "Network Connections".
4. Click on "Finish".
Now, double-click the new icon and you’ll be sent straight into the Network Connections folder.
BTW, the icon which the shortcut uses is taken from explorer.exe. However, you can easily attach the default icon to it. To do so:
1. Right-click the shortcut and select Properties.
2. Next click on "Change Icon".
3. Navigate to %systemroot%\System32\netshell.dll. This file contains many network-based icons.
4. Pick on and click "Ok" all the way out.
Note: This tip also works for Windows Vista.


Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta Leaked version Download

Windows Live Essentials Wave 4: The new suite of Microsoft Windows that allows us to install and access the most important applications of the Microsoft, is now available for download in beta but to developers and curious testers. Also, you can test all these programs before official release.
Windows Live Wave 4 includes all essential components namely Windows Live Messenger,Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Live Movie Maker, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Sync and Windows Live Writer. All these software includes work fine except Windows Live messenger which is restricted to official Beta testers.

Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Programs

  • Mail- Get Access to Email from Desktop
  • Sync – You can sync Photos and Documents between computers
  • Family Safety- Blocks and allow certain websites for safety of Kids online
  • Bing Bar- Gives quick access to Bing, MSN Tools like Reading feeds, Search videos, Stock, etc.
  • Companion- Share Webpage with friends online from Internet Explorer easily
  • Photos Viewer and Movie Maker

This version has unofficial download link which is leaked online so does not guarantee about any bugs involved. Moreover, this is just a Beta version of Windows Live Wave 4 so, obviously the final version Windows Live Wave 4 will be very different and improved.

Download Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta

This unofficial leaked version has following components included inside Self Extracting Archive.
  • Windows Live Family Safety Beta build 15.2.2583.0119
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery beta build 15.2.2590.0301
  • Windows Live Movie Maker beta build 15.2.2590.0301
  • Windows Live Writer Beta build 15.2.2583.0119
  • Windows Live Mail Beta build 15.2.2583.119
  • Windows Live Messenger Beta build 15.2.2583.119
Download Link Hotshare