11 Facebook Shortcut Keys For Quick Navigation and Faster Browsing

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Key List
Did you know that you can open the page of your profile, messages, notifications and access other areas of Facebook via shortcut keys? You probably weren’t aware of it right? So, read on for faster navigation on Facebook using Keyboard Shortcut Keys.

List of Facebook Shortcut Keys

The shortcuts that will list the following should be combined with keys that depend on your browser. If your browser is Internet Explorer or Google Chrome , one should use the Alt key, since if your choice is Firefox , use the Alt + Shift.
Here are the Numeric Keys to be used in combination:
  • Key 1 – go to your news feed;
  • Key 2 – go to your profile;
  • Key 3 – add new friends;
  • Key 4 – go to their posts;
  • Key 5 – go to their notifications;
  • Key 6 – go to your account settings;
  • Key 7 – go to your privacy settings;
  • Key 8 – go to the Facebook page;
  • Key 9 – go to page with the policy and the terms of Facebook;
  • Key 0 – go to the help desk;
  • M key – opens the dialog box for creating a new message (does not work in Internet Explorer).

How To Use Facebook Keys on Firefox

For example, if you use Firefox and want to go to the news feed on your Facebook, then hold downAlt and Shift keys and hit Numeric Key-2.

Facebook Shortcut Keys on Chrome and Internet Explorer

If you use Chrome or Internet Explorer and want to check your messages, then hold the Alt keypressed and press Numeric Key 4.
So, no more moving mouse all over the screen and continue to to browse Facebook with both hands on Keyboard.
Maybe you were already aware about these shortcut keys for Facebook but I am sure you never heard about these little known Facts about Facebook.via[blogsolute]

5 Only Instagram Tools You’ll Need to do Wonders With Your Photos

Only Instagram Tools You Need
Instagram needs no Introduction, it magically transforms any photo on Smartphones and shares it on the go. But Wait.. There is more you can do with instagrammed photos thanks to 3rd party Web Services.

Backup Download Instagram Photos to Computer

Instagram doesn’t allow to download or save your photos by default. Fortunately there is an service call Instaport.me which can be used to backup and download all your photos from Instagram account to Computer.
Complete Backup of Photos is archived and can be downloaded as single ZIP file. You can then use it in combination with Google+, Facebook or any other (photo) application.
For Android Users, there is an app called SaveGram which can download all publicly shared images in one go.

Instagram Web Interface and Search

Instagram, being mobile application only has mobile interface and doesn’t allows to open anywhere except Cellphone.
If you want to find photos that contain a particular hash tag, then go for Webstagram. This photo viewer allows you to see your feed in either a grid or list format. Webstagram also helps you to find photos, sort, tag, follow and comment on other people’s photos.

Create Instagram PDFs and Slideshows

Convert Pictures from Instagram account into high quality PDF and slideshow thereby usingInstagram2PDF Service. You just have to Login to Instagram, Select Photos, select PDF options and Download hige quality PDF Document contain your Instagram photos.

Make Mirror Site of Instagram Web Stream

In case, you don’t just want a local backup copy of photos but also have a shadow copy running on web at same time, then, use Parallel-Ogram. It is a simple web app to create an archive of your Instragram photos (and likes) and to make that archive a living, breathing website of its own.

Send Real Post Card of Instagram Picture

Postagram app will turn your Instagram image into a real postcard, add your custom message, and send it in the snail mail to whatever address you enter.
The app is free but each postcard costs $1. You’re not limited to sending Instagram images—you can choose any shot from your Photo Album.
There are many Instagram Tools floating on web but I sorted out only the most essential Instagram Tools as from my point of view. They are enough to manipulate with Instagram Photos and play with your account.via[blogsolute]

How To Remove GOM Player Pop-Up Ads And Browser Toolbar

I have been using GOM player from a long time now for the obvious reason- its versatility. Recent update however, came with Pop-Up ad window which comes up when I exit and also it forcibly install unwanted Browser Toolbar (AVG or Ask in some versions).
I agree that when product is offered for free, they somehow need to earn something from Advertisements but these ads are quite annoying for the sole reason- they are irrelevant and not interesting. Here is a solution by which you can block or remove Pop-Up Advertisement on GOM player.
GOM Player Pop-Up Ads Window

How to Block and Remove Pop-Up Ads from GOM Player

To Remove Popup, you just have remove the file responsible for creating this Pop-Up. And this File is located in Installation Folder.
Go to C:\Program Files\GRETECH\GomPlayer. It can be Program Files (x86) in case of 64 Bit Widows installation. Find the file named: popup.exe in this folder and delete it. Make sure you are logged in as Administrator to carry out this operation.
Remove GOM Player Pop-Up Advertisement Window
This is a permanent solution to get rid of pop-ups on GOM player but if you think that you may find something interesting someday on these ads then it can also be done. You can see the popup once a day by checking on “Don’t show any more ads today” at the bottom of popup window.

How to Remove Toolbar installed with GOM Player

Toolbar is forcibly installed on web browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox) along with GOM Player. It may be AVG or Ask or any other which you may find useless.
To remove that, you should disable the addon (CTRL+Shift+A in case of Firefox) and change the default search engine of browser.
Remove GOM Player Toolbar Addon on Firefox
Complete removal then can be followed by uninstalling it from “Programs and Features” from Control Panel. There you will find an application name “AVG Security Toolbar” as in my case but can be Ask Toolbar in some other users.
Uninstall GOM Player Toolbar and Remove From Browser
You may have to perform these steps again when you update GOM Player to latest version each time. Same Trick will continue to work as long as they do not integrate Popups in main application.via[blogsolute]

How To Restart Crashed Applications Automatically And Resume Download Tasks

Some applications can go wrong and close or crash on itself. If we are not present there to reopen them, task will remain incomplete so, here’s how you can employ software to monitor them constantly and restart program in case of crash.
Situation comes when applications need to be open for a long time like uTorrent or IDM when we leave computer on itself to complete download. Check out the Software listed below to resume the task in case of crashed application by reopening them automatically. Additionally, It is also possible to automate download timings using Auto-Connect Download Scheduler.


As the name says, it is a software to keep the process alive and restart in case it is stopped. Portable tool with one window interface where you have to press plus (+) symbol to add processes to monitor.
Process Alive
ProcessAlive continuously scans all the added programs from the system tray. If it notices that one of your selected processes is no longer running, it will re-launch the program.
Note should be taken that if you require that processes are launched with administrator rights, ProcessAlive must be run as an administrator too.
Download Process Alive


It is similar to above one but requires .NET Framework installed and not a portable one. Just add a Process to monitor and it will be re-opened in case of accidental exit or crash closing.
Restart Programs automatically after Crash
Application restarts within few seconds of closing and doesn’t require you to specify time interval to check if it crashed.
Download Restart Me

Application Monitor

Application Monitor is a light weight portable software which does what it name says. Single Window interface where you can add applications to keep watch (monitor). Time interval has to be set which defines the time period after which application should check if the monitored app is running or closed.
Restart Program after Crash
To Add application to monitor list. Click Browse and give location of installation directory (usuallyC:\Program Files).
Not just crashed applications but if some window (not just application) gets closed accidentally, you can get it back with Gone in 60 seconds app. In case of Computer Shutdown, you can save your work and restore open windows on restart automatically with CacheMyWork.via[blogslute]


6 Must Have Apps To Be Installed After Unboxing Android By New User

You bought a New Android Smartphone; Maybe because it’s a trend in Market or maybe Friend recommended it to you. Apps are the novelty of  any smartphone but if you are unsure which one to choose from Play Store, this article suggests essential apps for New Android Users.

1. App Cache and History Cleaner

Android phone’s biggest drawbacks are they stored some data of each app into the phone’s memory making phone clogged in cache memory going system dull and dumb. To overcome this you always need to clear those chunks of cache memory. You can clear the cache memory by going into Settings-Applications and in each app “clear data” to release unwanted memory accumulated by respective app.
To overcome this problem we have 1Tap cleaner which helps surpassing those steps and cleaning all the cache data delete at once for all those apps installed on your memory.
Addition to cache cleaning, 1Tap comes with defaults cleaner to clear defaults you set for respective actions, History Cleaner to clear the history stored in apps and browsers, Call/Text cleaner to clear call and Text logs cleaning. In free version it needs to be done manually but in paid one, app does this on its own i.e. Automatically.
Download 1 Tap Cleaner from here.
Most of Mobile phone users need a proper file manager as stock file managers fail in some areas and lacks some major features. So does android stock file manager comes under the same shed. So all your needs for a proper file manager are provided by Astro File Manager. Astro is a file manager with all your pro user needs and demands. It comes with free and paid version. Free version too has more than enough features to fulfill your needs. Astro gives you tabbed file exploring with options like select multi files, refresh, up, back, view drag, sort and many more.
Astro’s major feature includes direct access to Pictures, Documents and Music where it scans your phone and SD card and gives all Pictures, Documents and Music in a single click. It also contains built in file extractor from zip or rar files, so no need of file extracting application to be put on your phone.
Astro is not only file manager, but also it comes with features like Free Astro Backup Account which is cloud based backup system offered by Team Astro! Another feature is task killer to kill unwanted task and last but not least, Application Backup which is unique and very useful feature. Application Backup simply allows you to backup the apps installed in format of .apk which you can use later in case you uninstalled and want it back or even to transfer to other phones! In application backup Astro simply sorts by highlighting apps in Red (Need to Backup), Cyan (Already backed up), and White (New App) so you can easily recognize which app needs backup immediately and which doesn’t. So overall Astro is must app which is more than a file manager.
Download Astro File Manager from here.

3. Free and Reliable Anti-Theft Android App

Forgetting Phone or getting it theft is really painful or a much more worrying thing than any other. And losing your android means losing all the data, contacts, texts and most importantly all the login and other information stored in various apps. In such cases for proper security of your important phone, LMaxi Anti Theft is there to give you some peace of mind. This app designed with great brain work. When you download this app from the market it doesn’t get installed directly. It downloads only it’s installer for this app and installer installs this app thereafter in a hidden manner and makes sure you delete installer of this app.
LMaxi gets installed in such a way that it doesn’t appear in your app drawer. To access this app simply dial 0001 (can be changed afterwards) and calls which will give you access to app. LMaxi has lots of features which works wonders. 1st main feature is anti theft, phone gets locked when other than your Sim inserted or even no Sim is there.
Beside this basic feature what makes this app awesome and unique is from other anti theft apps is you can lock, ring alarm, lock apps, get current information about your phone remotely using simple text messages from any other phone. All you need to is set unique keywords for each feature like Alarm, Lock, Info, Lock Apps etc. And send a single SMS and bingo; it will work like a private detective! This is yet another must have app for your new android for complete peace of mind.
Download LMaxi Anti Theft from here.
India is now obsessed by 3G. There are many people following the 3G way though it’s still too much costly. And when you activate 3G with a pack you really get worried about its usage as, when it will come to an end and won’t cut your pocket any more as post 3G Packs it’s too much costlier to access 3G internet. So in such cases there’s no need of keeping an eye on data usage each and every time. 3G Watchdog will watch it and will guard your data flow.
3G watchdog keeps and sharp eye on your data usage. All you need to do is set your limit and time (days) of your pack, that’s it. Further this, 3G Watchdog will keep your pocket secured as it will warn you after crossing certain amount of data like 90% or so on.
Even you can stop your data usage as soon as you reach the hot boundary limit of your package. Watchdog shows you marker in system tray to always be in an alert state. For all those internet savvy people worried about fair data usage, this app is for you.
Download 3G Watchdog from here.
The opera mini browser is boon for mobile internet users so far. On Android too opera mini doesn’t let you down. Opera mini is a must have app for android!
Though stock browser is good in droid but it’s not coolest one though as some major features like tabbed browsing (it has 3 tabs availability but it’s too glitch to access the same), speed, sync, align with the mobile screen size without getting into mobile view etc. So for all those complete mobile browsing experience Opera Mini browser is there with its unique Opera fast thread technology for faster browsing experience like never before.
Though Opera Mini lacks HTML5 support (which is the only important feature it doesn’t include) Opera Mini scores almost 9/10. Opera mini is very light, fast and easy to handle which gives you great mobile internet browsing. Opera Mini doesn’t clog too much cache size nor drags too many resources to make your device slow. Tabbed browsing, Opera Sync (to sync your Opera account), built in download manager, enough history store, etc. That’s why it’s a highly rated and useful app from our side too! Simply go for it for a complete browsing experience!
Download Opera Mini from here.

6. Move Apps to SD Card

New “Androiders” face problems of “Low on space! Device/Phone storage space is getting low.”  Basically android system installs all your apps on phone memory itself which is limited only as per phone to phone so there are limitations to install apps on phone memory. And when you exclude this space you start getting such error messages and sometime system doesn’t allow installing new apps due to low space. In such cases you can move some apps to SD card but it becomes cumbersome to install and then go to setting-application menu and move your app to SD card by sneaking into each and every app.
So here you got the APP2SD app to work for you with the rest of your time. App2SD simply determines whether your new app can be moved to SD card or not and if it’s movable then it moves it to the SD card on its own.
It’s a totally time and energy saver app. Once you have installed there’s no need to check for whether app is movable to SD card or not. There are lots of such kinds of apps present in Google Play store.
Download App 2 SD from here.

Apply Instagram Effects to Photos on Computer with Photoshop Actions

Instagram is quite a rage in smartphone world now. It magically transforms pictures to piece of art with the most varied artistic and entertaining effects. Here’s How you can apply Instagram Photo Effects to any picture on Computer using Photoshop actions.
You need not have to be a Photoshop expert to work on it instead just follow this simple tutorial and you are good to go. We are going to make use of a feature of Photoshop called “Actions” to apply these artistic effects. Actions are simply a means to record all the commands used to generate an effect in Photoshop for re-application later.

What is needed?

  1. Photoshop. I assume you have it installed and if not, download now from Adobe. Even Portable version will do.
  2. Instagram Photoshop Actions by dbox which you can download here.

How to Install Instagram Actions for Photoshop

  1. Unzip the downloaded “Actions” archive to any directory (say desktop).
  2. Copy and Paste it in following directory – Computer >Local Disk ( C : \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Presets\Actions
    In case of Portable Photoshop, you have to paste in \App\PhotoshopCS6\Presets\Actions

How to Apply Instagram Effects with Photoshop

Photoshop Actions for Instagram Effects on Computer
  1. In Photoshop, open Image you want to work on.
  2. Press “Alt+F9″ to open “Actions” Menu.
  3. Actions menu will open and there you will see “Instagram actions” folder below default actions. In case, it didn’t appear, find it by clicking on small arrow button encircled in screenshot.
  4. Select appropriate action to be applied and click on “Play” button at the bottom to apply those effects.
Package of Actions include 20 effects and their names are given are same as in Instagram app for Smartphones. More than one effect can be applied at a time by selecting multiple actions.
To summarize- Install Photoshop Actions > Open Image > Select Actions > Press Play to Apply.
This was indeed easy and even the result output was similar. I am using word similar because effect don’t exactly match the ones provided by Instagram. Still, in both cases, output has one thing in common- They look awesome!
Here is a quick comparison of the results which I tested using Photoshop CS5 and Instagram Android App where I applied Lo-Fi effect to same picture.
Instagram effects on photoshop Examples and Comparison
Isn’t it easy especially for non-experts? Is yes, then you should also know about essential Instagram tools to do wonders with your photographs. Possibilities are many and results can be more artistic and beautiful but only thing you need is some time to play around all options and little bit of creativity.via[blogsolute]

Mobile Apps To Find If You are Being Cheated in Relationship and Catch Red Handed

You no more need to hire Detectives to find if you are being cheated in Relationship. Now, if the person you suspect uses a smartphone is an Android or iPhone, you can have several applications to spy on their activities and record to catch then red-handed.
All apps are simple and allow you to check out what the person is doing, the places he frequents and even find out who she’s texting or what numbers she calls more often. The list is also useful for those who want to have a record of the activities of their children, keeping updated information for the safety of children.



PhoneDeck offers complete control over Android device. It allows users to sync phone data, gain insights on phone usage, and also to send and receive SMS and phone calls through the browser.
PhoneDeck Interface
To monitor the suspect, you can signup for PhoneDeck account (from any Email ID as there is no verification) and login to account from app one time. Once done, you can see all the activities on Web browser.
PROs- No Need of Google Account and Offers Insight. Incoming call notification is a novelty but only available for Google Chrome.
CONs- Syncing Device completely is necessary for the first time without letting suspect know about it.

Download – PhoneDeck

Android On Web

With AndroidOnWeb installed on Android device, you can access and manage the Phone from Web Interface on Computer. All you have to do is login with Google account used on Android device to be tracked.
Android on Web Interface
You can remove the need for permission to monitor and check the messages ever sent, received, added contacts and image gallery. In addition, you can also check the current location of the device if it is connected to the GPS.
After installing, make sure you accept the agreement to make this app work.
PROs- Realtime information about Call Logs, Text messages and nice web interface.
CONs- Google Account Password of Suspect is required.

Download - AndroidOnWeb
On Android, Care should be taken that- After installing any of the above app, you should remove the icon from Homescreen and hide it from app drawer. Most Launchers like Go Launcher and Launcher EX PRO have this feature inbuilt.


Find My iPhone

The Find My iPhone is an application developed by Apple itself so you can find a lost iPhone. With it, you can use other gadgets of the brand to find your device anywhere in the world. The location appears in real time, and you can find several devices at once.
Download Find My iPhone

Find My Friends

The Find My Friends is another app from Apple itself that can help you stay constantly looking at anyone in your network. Again, here we must have another Apple device to make it work. You can check the location of your contacts once they accept your request to share their location.
Download Find My Freinds
On iPhone, Free Spying apps offers nothing more than location so I included just the trusted ones. There are some Premium iOS apps for spying which claims (I can’t take guarantee) to offer Call and SMS records but the license prices start from US 100$.
These were all about Smartphones, you can alternatively setup KeyLogger on Windows and Monitor activities on Computer / Laptop remotely. This will help to find out if there is any chance of cheating online through social networks.
Warning: Spying on others privacy is punishable and ethically a wrong thing to do. People doubting their partners may use these applications to kill their doubts and to have the feeling of security. On the other hand it is also true that there is no medicine for doubt. So use these applications very carefully as this can also end a faithful relation if caught by any means.via[blogsolute]

Speaktoit: Perfect Personal Assistant For Android With Voice Command [App Of The Week]

Personal Assistants for Smartphone are taking the big leap. Last year it’s all the fuss about Siri! We heard it a lot, seen on the internet and amazed with the concept. Right now, idea cellular (India) promoting their phones with some Personal Assistant app pre installed on their flagship phones.
So, Personal Assistant on phones is the new big thing in this area but Siri takes over in all the apps in innovation and in excellence too. But before Siri came into market in iPhone’s, there was a personal assistant available on Android named Speaktoit.
Speaktoit is an app like Siri and works very well on android phones. Speaktoit makers gave it a slogan as your personal assistant and yes it is! Just talk to it and it will work wonders. With Speaktoit, you can simply have chat with her or even ask for direction to surf web and open apps etc and all with voice command. Speaktoit works on different Skills like:
  • Talk- General Topics, about it, best dialogue situations (like praising her, asking about self, etc.)
  • Find- Information, Stock info, IMDB, Music, Amazon, Weather Forecast, Images, News, Maps, etc.
  • Navigate- Places and home, Call phone, etc.
  • Send- SMS and Mails
  • Update- Tweets, Facebook and Foursquare check-ins
  • Play- Music, Videos
  • Tell about- Things around you, People, Places
  • Organize- Events, Notes, Alarm, Tasks
  • Open- Web and apps
  • Translate
  • Calculate, etc. Etc.
Download Speaktoit
Thanks -Blogsolute

How To Access And Download Torrents When ISP / Network Admin Blocks P2P Traffic

Torrents are most popular way to download Pirate Movies, Music and Software. This led to blocking of Torrent download and sites hosting them. Downloading in traditional way using Torrent client becomes impossible where network admin has blocked P2P traffic.
We already covered How to Access Blocked Websites at Work, School, College, etc. In this article, we will discuss on How to unblock and access Torrent sites or Public trackers and also download Torrents.

How to access Torrent Sites and Search Engines

First thing which ISP did (in India) is blocking major Torrent search engines like Torrentz.eu and many more including ThePiratebay.se It can be unblocked and accessed to search and download torrents using following ways:

1. Change DNS

unblock torrent
Switch from ISP default DNS to Google DNS or Open DNS. You have to change Computer Network Connection settings to use their DNS Server addresses instead of default. This instantly unblocks access to all sites which were blocked by Court Orders.

2. Use Proxy

using proxy to bypass torrent blocking
This is popular solution and doesn’t need administrator privileges. Access the desired website to download torrents via Proxy servers. Quick Google Search to find Proxy sites will give you number of results for Proxy sites (HideMyAss.com is my favorite). Go to Proxy site first and enter the URL you want to access i.e. Torrent site (thepiratebay.se).

3. Use VPN

using vpn to download torrent
Virtual Private Networks is another solution quite sophisticated than using proxy. Not just accessing Torrent site but also it can be used to actually download Torrent using Torrent client on a network where P2P traffic is blocked. Free VPN are often unreliable and offer less speed. I personally use ibVPN to overcome country specific restrictions.

How to Download via Torrents when P2P Traffic is Blocked

This is a case of elevated restrictions on Torrents often seen in school, college, education institutes, office and at enterprise level. Here, even though you can access Torrent sites but torrent client won’t be able to download torrent when queued up because the Protocol is disabled.
This is the reason I suggested to enable Encryption in uTorrent while discussing uTorrent download speed increasing tips so that ISP couldn’t recognize the P2P traffic. But, there are chances that you are still detected on network and couldn’t download so, here are other ways to bypass this restriction.

1. Web Torrent Client – Bitlet

If you cannot download and install Torrent client or if P2P Torrent Traffic is blocked then use Torrent client Web UI in your web browser without installing anything.

1a. Java Based Web UI

web torrent client

Bitlet.org is a Java based Torrent client on Browser. Just upload .torrent file from local computer or enter URL where it is hosted and download begins.

1b. Browser Plugin

bypass blocked torrent download
Littleshoot is a P2P plugin which allows you to download bittorrent files right from your browser.

2. Download Torrent via HTTP

When P2P protocol isn’t supported, you can download torrent content to some server (remote computer) and then download that file via HTTP on your computer. You have two options to do that either setup your own seedbox (own server i.e. Virtual Private Server) or use dedicated services.

2a. Setting up Seedbox

seedbox setup
You need your own Hosting space with PHP support. There are scripts available to control Torrent downloading via Web UI remotely. For example: TorrentFux, ruTorrent, etc. Learn more about setting up Seedbox on Web Server.

2b. Using Dedicated Services

Torrenthandler is a web service which lets you download torrent content via HTTP. What they actually do is content is first downloaded on their servers and then you can download t via direct HTTP link using download managers.
http torrent downloader
ZbigZ is also a handy service to download torrent via HTTP. It also works on the same concept as Torrenthandler. The main advantage is the ease of use and support for free account. The download speed is pretty descent with resume support.
If in case you face trouble while putting the torrent link, just download the torrent file on your computer and upload it to ZbigZ. Download will start in a while as the file is downloaded to their servers.
Both of the above solutions guarantees anonymity, bypasses P2P Torrent restrictions and offers faster download as compared to direct torrent download which is mainly dependent on Seed Peer ratio.
If you are too much worried about Upload ratio only then there are services to increase ratio on torrent trackers without uploading.
I hope these solutions will unblock all P2P and Torrent download restriction on any ISP Network. Were you using something else somewhat more reliable than what I mentioned? Via[blogsolute]