FileInfo: Get File Info For Unknown File Extention

I have seen some of my friends having difficulty in opening a file with unknown extension. For most of them it’s a virus, for some of them it is alien, but we know that it’s just some file extension which they haven’t seen before. Even if you know what the file is about, it’s still difficult for you to figure out which application will open it. If you’re lucky enough you can open it with applications like Open Freely which is capable of opening almost any file types itself (A very handy all-in-one application). If you don’t have applications like open freely then you can check this tutorial out: How To Open Unknown File Extensions. If you are still confused then you can visit FileInfo. FileInfo is a web service that lets you search for details regarding a file extension. It has a database of thousands of file types and detailed information for each of them. With the detailed information FileInfo also provides a list of programs which are capable of opening the particular file extension in all the operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Mint, and all Linux operating systems.

How To Use FileInfo Search For Finding Info For A File Type

fileinfo search box
FileInfo has a very simple interface, which makes it easy for users to search for their file extensions. The left contains a list of most common file types like text files, data files, audio files, video files, and much more. FileInfo also displays the most searched extension of the week and that day. You can search for the file type from the search box located at the top left corner of the screen. After you have entered you file extension for searching. The file description of that particular file extension will be displayed to you. Just below the detailed information a list of programs that are capable of opening that particular file type will also be displayed.
xar fileinfo
There are many ways of finding the correct application for opening unknown file type, but this is by far the simplest and easiest way.via[techyfuzz]

5 Free Web Proxy To Access Blocked Websites

Sometimes you are unable to access websites from your college, school or at work or even when the site is blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This may seem to you like the end of the world to you. If accessing these blocked sites is so important to you, then you can give try to some proxy sites. If you aren’t aware of the term Proxy Server, then: In terms of computer networks, a proxy server is a computer application or system which acts as an intermediate for request from clients like you who are seeking resources from other servers. You can access blocked websites using web proxy as it uses a different IP address to connect, than the one you’re system is using. You can access almost all the blocked websites from these proxy websites.

Free Web Proxy To Access Blocked Websites At School, College, Or Work

access blocked websites
Proxify is an anonymous proxy service which allows you to surf the Web privately and securely. Unlike other proxies, you don’t have to install any software or follow any complicated instructions. Proxify hides you IP address and encrypt your connection so that you can surf the web securely.
access blocked websites

Proxeasy is a web proxy which allows you to browse blocked websites anonymously. It even allows you to browse websites that are blocked by firewall.
access blocked websites
Hide My Ass is a free web proxy which allows you to surf anonymously online. It hides your IP address, secures you internet connection, hides your internet history, and protects your online identity.
access blocked websites
Free web proxy lets you surf anonymously by changing your current IP address with some offshore IP address. Free web proxy also has full support for IPv6.
access blocked websites
SurfAgain is a website which allows you to visit you favorite sites at school, college, or work. It even allows you visit websites blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).via[techyfuzz]

Mirage Anti-bot: Detect, Block And Remove Botnets (Malware)

People normally have the tendency to think that their system is protected by just installing an antivirus. Antivirus are system software that are capable of removing viruses, Trojans, spyware, and more. If you have a firewall installed on your system and you’re more than just some amateur computer user. Then you may or may not need to worry about malware. Malware like ZeuS, SpyEye, Palevo, and many more are quite known for their ability to penetrate your system security. They steals your credentials like social site like Facebook, Twitter, etc., logins details, bank accounts, and email access details. These specific malware belong to the family of botnet. Mirage Anti-bot is a powerful tool which is capable of protecting your system against malware specially botnets. It adds an extra layer of protection to your system with almost no effect to your system performance. Mirage Anti-bot is capable of creating a foolproof security system.

How Mirage Anti-bot Protects Your System Against Malware And Other Security Threats

block malware antibot

Mirage Anti-bot protects your system against malware, especially botnets by securing all your system security holes. It provides you with a safe and secure online experience. Since the infamous botnets are famous for slowing down your precious internet speed and stealing your personal information. Mirage Anti-bot keeps updating its database for new malware from most credible anti-malware websites, so that it can be effective against all the malware. You can access it through its icon in the system tray.
block malware with antibot
One of the feature, that I liked about this application is the support for using proxy. You need to authenticate the proxy network by specifying a unique username and password. After specifying correct details, you can connect to your network using these proxy settings.
Mirage Anti-bot is capable of working with almost all the antivirus applications. It runs in your background taking minimum resources. This application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.via[techyfuzz]

Is Netvibes A Good Alternative To iGoogle?

You may have already heard the bad news that Google is going to shut down iGoogle in November 2013. Now the users of iGoogle can either get mad at Google or start looking for alternatives to iGoogle. If you cannot live with customized dashboard platform, then you should check out Netvibes. Netvibes is a personalized dashboard publishing platform for Web including widget distribution services, digital life management, and brand observation rooms. So in a way it offers you almost all the features of iGoogle. You can easily change the layout of the page, add widgets, change themes, and many more personalization options that you can play with.

igoogle alternative netvibes

iGoogle Alternative Netvibes Supported Widgets And Other Features

So you can either choose a single startpage or a startpage with multiple pages using tabs. You can choose from all the available wdgets by clicking on the plus sign on the upper left side corner. The widgets supported by Netvibes includes
• RSS feed urls
• News (from Google News, Yahoo, and others)
• Weather reports
• Finance related information
• Games
• Lifestyle
• Social networking sites like facebook and Twitter
• Maps and travel guides

Now you can drag you widgets around multiple tabs areas according your needs. If you want to integrate your email account with Netvibes, you have to login using your credential, though you can link most of your social networks easily by granting Netvibes access to your accounts.
Netvibes has added support for themes. You can choose from over 5000+ themes. I briefly went through Netvibes specifications and features without even logging in. You can create a page and check out how it works with widgets, RSS, news, information, etc. If you’re only interested in reading feeds and news, you can switch to reader view. Reader View offers you a streamlined optimized news listing. Here you will be only presented with news and feeds, without any widgets. The layout is somewhat similar to basic feed reading applications.

Netvibes is a good alternative to iGoogle as it fast and reliable. With time iGoogle users will easily get accustomed with it. If you any problem regarding iGoogle or Netvibes, you can ask me.via[techyfuzz]


Piracy free, Finally

Piracy is not restricted to the high seas. Closer home, pirates of a different genre are bleeding the film industry dry.
The convenience offered by data compression technology and the Internet boom has led to a large scale burning of pirated CD`s, DVD’S and camcordings.
Where an original CD could cost Rs 100 upwards, a pirated one costs Rs 30 leaving Mollywood with huge revenue losses. But rest assured, there is a new saviour in town and M-Town can heave a big sigh of relief.
Agent Jadoo — an anti piracy software, launched a few weeks ago, is the brainchild of actor /director/engineer Prakash Bhare, techie Stephen Antony, Rashid M.A. a legal consultant and advocate CP Unnikrishnan, a high court lawyer.
Prakash explains the reasons for launching this new software, “Digital media took centre stage in the movie business a couple of decades ago and audiences got access to content through television, tapes, disks, flash drives and so on, making it easy to pirate films.
This led to two thirds of our theatres closing down and yearly film production being reduced to half. Music rights shrank from several tens of lakhs to a couple and DVD rights became pathetic.
But positive changes are happening now so it is high time that we fought back against the menace of piracy. Agent Jadoo targets the umbilical cord of piracy —the Internet, which feeds other forms these days.
'' Prakash adds that this is not only a fight to stabilise business but also a war against a social evil. A number of films have used the services of Agent Jadoo like Diamond Necklace, Thattathin Marayathu, Spirit andChattakkari.
Director Lal Jose of Diamond Necklace is gung ho about Agent Jadoo. He says, “Any person, nywhere in the world, who uploads any songs or films illegally onto any site, will get a direct warning and be served with a legal notice!
This software is vigilant 24 hours of the day but the alarming fact is that it is the Malayalees hemselves who are behind the crime. Sadly, the industry is also to blame as there was huge negligence from our side.'' Lal is happy that the film industry is now more aware and vigilant about the potential death-blow piracy can cause to cinema.
Agent Jadoo has servers around the world and processes to monitor, detect and tackle piracy related activities on the net. Says Prakash, “Content owners sign up with us and authorise us to act on their behalf. We work with them and the law enforcement agencies as required. We have been able to ensure zero piracy for all films protected by Agent Jadoo!”
Thattathin Marayathu, is another film which uses the Agent Jadoo cover. Says Director Vineeth Sreenivasan, “Downloading new films is still going on but the anti-piracy drives have kept piracy rates to a minimum.”
“I decided to use Agent Jadoo because I am thinking of releasing Thattathin Marayathu worldwide — for instance in countries like the US, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand etc. If the film can be downloaded online, no one is going to watch it in theatres.
Also, most films now have an invisible watermark which becomes apparent during mobile or video recording giving information about the theatre from where it was recorded.
So, uploading films is not going to be easy.” Vineeth is happy that box office collections and total revenues have gone up, meaning that anti-piracy measures are working.
Recently a song from Chattakkari uploaded on the net illegally was tracked and blocked by Agent Jadoo in a matter of hours.
The producer of Chattakkari, Suresh Kumar has this to say, “The software is very effective! A legal notice is immediately served to the perpetuators of the crime and they can even be jailed.
The modus operandi of the pirates is to courier pen drives to the UK where the CDs are replicated. The anti-piracy cell of the state police is also very effective.”This jadoo is certainly working! via[deccanchronicle] & Pic from Pctechs

Normalize Windows Volume With These Simple Tricks

Sometimes while playing a video or a movie, you may notice a sudden increase in volume. Now if you’ve have remote control for speakers like mine to control the volume then, its fine. But for those who controls the volume from mixer situated in the system tray, then this problem can be quite frustrating. Though Windows Loudness Equalization
volume control panel
You can easily correct this problem from your sound card properties (if your sound card supports it). Almost all the sound cards in the market support the functionality of Loudness Equalization. In order to turn this feature on you have to go to Control Panel and click on Sound. Now a window named as Speaker Properties will pop-up in front of you. Go to Enhancements tab, if you go through the options, you’ll see the option Loudness Equalization. Check this option and click Apply. Now you’re done and you’ll notice that the sounds through your speakers are in the same frequency.
sound card volume properties
Through VLC Volume Normalization
vlc volume settings
If for some reason your sound card doesn’t support Loudness Equalization, then you don’t have to worry about it. All you need is VLC media player. Now open VLC media player and click on Toolsand then choose Preferences. Now in the Preferences Windows switch to full preferences view by clicking on All. Now go to Audio->Filter->Volume normalization. Now tweak the options according to your need and you’re good to go.
vlc volume

vlc volume normalization
The above mentioned tips are all you need to fix the uneven levels in volume while playing audio or video through your players. If for some reason you don’t like to use VLC as a media player, then you can go for players which have the support for Replay Gain for music. One of the players which have replay gain support is foobar music player. You can even tweak K-lite Codec Pack Audio Configuration for normalizing volume.via[techyfuzz]


Recover Deleted Files From Hard Drive With Recuva File Recovery

Everyone makes mistakes. Some of them might not be as problematic as mistakenly deleting some important document file or some other file format file. After deleting files from your hard drive, there is still some chance that you may be able to recover those files from your hard drive. The deleted files are only recoverable if and only if those files are not overlapped by some other new files.  Recuva is free file recovery software or data recovery software. It is a freeware windows utility, which is capable of recovering files including images, documents, mp3, and much more. Yes it can also recover files that have been deleted by either you or someone from recycle bin or even from newly formatted drive. It is even capable of recovering files that have been deleted by crashes, and viruses.

Hard Drive File Recovery Rules

After you have deleted some files from your hard drive or formatted your hard drive. If you want Recuva or any other file recovery software or data recovery software to work properly, you must first of all stop using that hard driveDo not install data recovery software or file recovery software on the same drive which you want to recoverThe final and the main thing that you must remember is that you should not store the recover files on the hard drive from which you’re recovering.
recover data from hard drive
I tested this recovery software, on my hard drives. The results were quite accurate. After a thorough scan Recuva displays a list of files. The files are either shown in green color and red color. Green color marked files represent files that can be restored or recovered. The red color marked files represent files that can’t be restored as their memory space have already been occupied by some other file. So whenever you delete some file mistakenly or format your drive remember the above mentioned rules for recovering files.via[techyfuzz]

Any Video Converter Freeware Lets You Convert Videos In Batch

Any Video Converter Freeware is an extremely light and powerful free video converter. Unlike all the other video converters Any Video Converter packs a hell lot of features for a videos converter. It lets you convert videos between various formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, FLV, 3GP, DVD, WebM, MP3, Flac, etc for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, PSP, HTC One Series, Samsung Galaxy S3, Amazon Kindle Fire. I think these basic features are supported by almost all video converters.
all in one video converter
Any Video Converter supports conversion of videos from one format to other. You can either convert videos in one go or you can convert multiple videos or batch convert videos. This option makes conversion of videos a lot easier.  It even lets you edit your videos, crop them and change their formats. You can even convert videos for different portable devices by choosing your portable devices from the Output Profile. Some of the portable devices supported are iPad, iPod, PSP, Samsung Galaxy, and more. You can even convert videos for web entertainment by converting them in HTML5 video format.
video converter output profiles
It also lets you convert videos into audio or simply extract audio from videos. You can choose from a lot of supported audio formats for conversion. I currently use this application for conversion of video into audio for my smartphone. You can easily convert multiple videos in audio files with Batch Add Video Files from the File menu of any videos converter.
Now all the video converters that I’ve used till now doesn’t support features like downloading videos from web services like YouTubeGoogle VideosMetaCafe, and NicoVideo. All you have to do is paste the URL of the video in the Add URLs icon and you’re good to go. You can even convert these online videos while downloading that is you can convert video online.
This is the best video converter out there in the market and it’s totally free. So go to the download page and download one of the best videos converter that is Any Video Converter.via[techyfuzz]


IObit Uninstaller Lets You Uninstall Any Application

If you’re among the group of people who use freeware software for most of your work, then the possibility of unwanted toolbars and 3rd-party software on your system is more. You can either install them through Windows in-built add/remove or you can use software like Revo Uninstaller. IObit Uninstaller works in the same way as Revo Uninstaller, but has a much simpler user interface. By simple interface I mean you can easily uninstall applications by going through different categories that IObit uninstaller uses to divide applications, thus making it easier to identify the application importance.
IObit Uninstaller Lets You Uninstall Any Application
IObit uninstaller has different categories or tabs such as toolbars, recently installed, large programs, rarely used, and Windows update. Toolbars tab shows you all the installed toolbars which you may or may not have installed mistakenly while installing some freeware application. Recently installed shows you the name of application which you may have installed in the recent week or two. Rarely used shows programs which are barley used by you, thus giving you the indication that these applications are basically not needed by you. Windows Update shows you the recent Windows updates, you can even uninstall some of these Windows updates from IObit uninstaller as sometimes these updates may the problem behind your system malfunctions.

IObit also have a batch uninstaller, thus giving you the option to uninstall multiple programs or applications in one go. This is something which is not supported by windows in-built uninstaller and many uninstaller out there in the market.
Now sometimes you may encounter problems in uninstalling applications. Problems like Windows can’t uninstall this application, or the application is in use, or some other error. Then you can use the Forced Uninstall option which uninstalls any application without any problem. You can also go through different freeware application offered by IObit by clicking on Download More Freeware at the bottom left corner of the uninstaller.
IObit Uninstaller is a good application and uninstalls application completely. I also love the fact that it has support for batch un-installation, but it lacks features like Hunter Mode supported by Revo which lets you uninstall applications even if they are not on the application list.via[techyfuzz]


Sleep Preventer Blocks Your PC from Going Into Sleep Or Hibernate

Power Saving options supported by Windows Operating Systems are very useful for saving energy and our electricity bill of course. Power Saving is also an essential feature which should be used by everyone. Sometimes features like stand by or hibernate after certain time of inactivity can be little frustrating. You can either change your power plan settings from Control Panel -> Power Options. If you do this then you may have to change your system’s power plans again and again for time to time depending on your computer usage. This is where you can use Sleep Preventer.
Sleep Preventer is a very handy tool for Windows users who are fed of changing power plans from time to time for their daily computer usage. With it you can easily choose power saving plan from Windows power options and still doesn’t have to worry about your computer sleeping due to user inactivity.

Sleep Preventer Blocks Your PC from Going Into Sleep Or Hibernate
All you have to do run this small application, and click on Prevent Sleep, to prevent your computer from sleeping. If you want your display monitor in power saving after some time. Then you can do so by checking Allow display to sleep option. There is one more interesting thing about Sleep Preventer which I almost forgot to explain. You can either choose default infinite timer option which stops your PC from being going into stand by. Or you can choose from predefined time limits like 5, 10, 30 minutes and 1 hour and 2 hours. These time limits give you the ability to choose when you want your system to go to into stand by. Sleep Preventer can be toggled on or off from the system tray by right-clicking on the icon.
Sleep Preventer is an extremely handy application which gives the user the ability to stop their PC from going into sleep or hibernate state.via[techyfuzz]