How to use Netmeeting For Audio Video Conferencing?


Netmeeting is a program available on your computer(windows) that lets you communicate with other people. Among other things, you can show someone else what is on your computer, and you can see what is on their's. With a telephone, it works great to ask and answer questions about your computer, it provide following functionality used because of the fact that newer version support whiteboarding, application sharing, desktop sharing, remote desktop sharing (RDS) and file transfer.

Q) How to configure/start Netmeeting?
How to call person using Netmeeting?
  • to configure & starting your netmeeting type conf in run.
  • Now you will be prompted for name, email address, and some other thing so fill it.(it is not required that you should fill exact thing).
  • Now you will be asked for the connection type.(select accordingly).
  • Now after you have configured your netmeeting you should remove firewall from netmeeting by going to windows firewall in control panel-->exception tab here check netmeeting option.
  • Afterward you will get a screen like shown. type there the ip address of the computer(in the box selected)to which u want to to video conferencing, share remote.
  • That's it now you can talk to person on the other side using microphone.

Q) How to use Remote Desktop using netmeeting?

  • press the botton in netmeeting as shown.
  • Now a new window will appear as shown press remote desktop icon and then press share tab.
  • Now the person on the other side can access your computer remotely in your presence(remote desktop utility of window can only allow single person at a time to see desktop.

Note:- Firewall Setting.
Before establishing remote desktop connection you should see some firewall settings.
  • go to windows firewall then exception tab there check remote desktop.
  • now to to advanced tab here uncheck your lan through which u r connecting.
  • go to my computer property then remote tab here "allow remote desktop" must be checked
How to Chat in netmeeting?

For that just press the botton shown 
in first windows and then start typing in the box.

How to use WhiteBoard?

For using While board just press the botton as shown ahead to the question in first image and now u and the person on the other side can create image or anything simultaneously.

How to transfer file in netmeeting?

1) firstly press the button as shown just above then u will get a window as shown below.

2) then press the button 1 in the above and put the location of file u want to transfer.

3) now press button 2 in the above picture ( to send file).

4) That's it.

NOTE: Netmeeting when you have different lan ip and real ip.
now a days because of the shortage of ip address most of the internet service provider(isp) provide different lan and real ip.
real ip:-the ip through which u are connect to the internet.
lan ip:- the ip through which u are connect to your lan.
due to which we could not connect our computer using netmeeting. but there is a solution for that and that is hamachi
this is a software from logmein which is used for chat and file browsing perpose it is providing us static and real ip for the chat and file sharing and hence we are using the ip provided by hamachi for netmeeting.

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