Network Commands on Linux / Unix

  • ftp : Transfer files to another host (insecure)
  • host: Get information about networked host.
  • ifconfig : Display Ip address information.
  • netstat: Display routing information and network static’s
  • ip: Display Ip address information.
  • ping: Sends answer request to other hosts.
  • rdesktop: Display MS Widnows desktop on Linux Machine
  • route: Show routing information
  • scp: Secure copy files to and from another host.
  • sftp: Secured ftp
  • ssh: Make an encrypted connection to another host.
  • ssh-keygen: Generates authentication keys for SSH
  • telnet: Make an insecure connection to another host.
  • tracepath/traceroute: prints the packet and time taken for hops to a host.
  • whois: Get information about a domain name.
  • xclock: X window clock application, handy for testing remote display.
  • xhost: X window access control tool. 

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