Cerberus for Android: free license for the Anti-theft tools

100k users, the app Cerberus and the makers are celebrating this by giving each one a license to 2.29. Cerberus is an anti-theft app for Android smartphones and tablets. With the software you can find may be lost or stolen device. Normally costs the app, which can be used to manage 5 devices, 2,99 €, but this will not apply now.
To this end, Cerberus is easy to install . The account is created in the app, a combination of user name and e-mail address, which in a document in Google Docs must be entered.
The Android Market is the variety of functions described as follows:
The remote control allows you to perform various operations on your device: 

- locate and track equipment 
- Starting a loud alarm, even if the device is muted 
- Deleting the device and SD card memory 
- Cerberus hiding the application in the Programs menu 
- device with a password of your choice lock 
- sound recording devices from the microphone 
- Receive a call list with the last one-and outbound calls 
- obtaining information from network providers and is connected to the device 
- And much more!

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