Gmail: mobile phone can now send among other senders

Maybe it has already noticed one or the other: you can receive on an account of various Google accounts emails but also send emails. So I can, for example, my work account to link to Gmail and use Gmail from anywhere to write under a completely different e-mail address. Anyone interested in this subject who can read my information and instructions: Gmail - Tips & Tricks . Building on this subject, it is interesting to know that now can also set the mobile Gmail app the sender.
This was not possible before, and seems to have been implemented clandestinely. By clicking on the sender field can switchen it between the sender accounts. By the way,the mobile Gmail app for IOS, which was initially so terrible , is now my default iOS - even if she gets even more unfortunately for the Android counterpart. If not for you, the sender must be changed, so you will log off and back on again. ( via )

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