Google +: Hangouts now possible with new apps

Google Apps and Hangout? Yes, I know - has been around longer. Google Docs and YouTube were so long with the video chat in Google veknüpft +. Now Google has the API Hangout released into the wild is supposed to mean: the beta-phase is completed. From now on, developers can use this API to develop applications for themselves Hangout.
To celebrate the day Google skin then immediately get out a few more apps that you can use via the Hangout. This includes not only the already known applications such as slideshare now the well-known service, a poker game, a quiz and also an application where the Hangout participants can paint together.
In the video chat window, you can these apps in a new tab, or you choose to display the last used applications. I must admit that I'm still not used often to video chat, but with the release of the API or the anticipated apps I could probably be persuaded to beat often times to keep my scruffy face in the webcam.
What do you think? Exciting feature redundant or? And how do you video chat use at all? Via Google + - or are you rather go on Facebook or Skype?
Source: Google via network world

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