Google with its own Tablet Store

Techies of the world actually wait every hour that someone from Google on the stage, a cylinder of the present then a tablet is taken. * drum roll * € 199 . So it is already rumored and believed - and ASUS or Samsung, it should be - maybe even later on his own home, with Motorola Mobility. While it was sold as the Galaxy Nexus of God and the world, Google's tablet is perhaps in its own online store selling additionally.
Seems the Kindle and the iPad to be working - at least those are the only tablets, which you can assign to a certain extent, but other devices are unfortunately only "ran a distant second" to find individual stories or less. According to reports the Wall Street Journal , these "powered by Google" Tablets are perhaps even subsidized, so they really get going places on the market. Apple also had success with - only who were smart, who can be costly for mobile operators subsidize their iPhones;) via[Caschy]

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