Keep Your Software Up To Date With FileRex

We think many of you out there like to update their drivers and windows software with Windows Update, but when it comes to updating of your third-party softwares, you end up searching different websites to download them.
FileRex Update Checker is a simple application that checks the registry to find out about the softwares currently installed on your system and checks if an update is available or not. Not only that it also provides information like size of the newer file to be downloaded.

filerex update checker
One of the major advantage of using FileRex Update Checker is the security of your system as sometimes people end up downloading malware along with the concerned software.
FileRex Update Checker Main Features:
  • Automatically search for installed softwares.
  • Automatically display download links to newest software versions.
  • Check for updates periodically.
  • It lets you stay up to date and secure with the software installations on your PC
  • It’s safer. Download directly from manufacturer website.
  • Run in the background
  • Display new promotions.
  • A simple and useful skin.
  • It’s free. No registration required
Note: I would have provided you with a newer screenshot, but unfortunately it doesn’t scan my software database Windows 8-via[techyfunn]

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