Skype Launches Native Windows Phone App & Wants Your Feedback

Skype has released a beta version of Skype for Windows Phone 7.5, which includes all the regular Skype features we all know from other platforms. The official release is planned for April, and until then, Windows Phone users are free to evaluate the beta version and provide feedback.

As mentioned above, the new Windows Phone Skype includes Skype features such as audio and video calls over Wi-Fi or 3G, Skype chat, calls to landlines through Skype Out and more. The whole thing, however, is packed in a new Metro UI interface, which is designed to fit the general feel of the Windows Phone operating system.
Take a look at the new Skype interface in this video.
This is a big step for Microsoft; after buying the biggest player in the VoIP arena, they have now brought it to their emerging mobile OS, where many users have been eagerly waiting for it. You can download Skype on Windows Phone 7.5 through the Windows Phone marketplaceor directly from your Windows Phone device. According to Skype, the new app has been tested to perfection on several devices, such as the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710, the HTC Titan and Radar and Samsung’s Focus S and Focus Flash.
Windows Phone users, we’d love to hear about your experience with the new Skype app. How does it stand against Skype’s other mobile apps?
Source: Skype Blog

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