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Windows 8: Tile structure and name groups

Windows 8 is groundbreaking. This much is certain. At least if you lack the Start menu and the Metro UI so pervades. This one, however, do not just friends, if I so believe the tenor of my environment - the man is a creature of habit. I myself am curious as far along well with the Metro UI, which I would not have thought so.
And just at that Mero UI with its tiles I want to come. Tiles can be rearranged by drag and drop are in the default configuration, but without description. Who wants to call for any reason, the individual groups of the Metro UI that can do so easily.
In the UI of Windows 8 Meto very bottom left you a magnifying glass that you clicked on. Then you get a complete view of all Metro UI apps and groups who can now move to right-click to reveal a menu from which you can store a name.

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