Easily Backup Your Drivers With Driver Magician

Driver Magician is one of those applications that helps you in backing up your PC drivers. The interface of driver magician is so simple that it makes backing up drivers an easy task. You can back up all your drivers with driver magician, but that’s not what it recommends to you. When you run the application for the first time you’ll see some drivers marked or shown in red text. According to driver magician these are the drivers you should actually backup rather than backing up all your system drivers, as the drivers which are not marked or shown in red text are regular Windows drivers or the drivers that are packaged with Windows Operating System.
driver magician
The thing which driver magician lacks in comparison to driver identifier is the lack to show available updates. Still you can update your drivers with driver magician, but you’ll have to buy the licence.
When you choose to back up your drivers I’ll recommend you to make a separate directory for it, as you’ll need these drivers. Now if you wondering on how to use these drivers for restoring your PC after fresh Windows installation. Just open device manager and choose to update the drivers which are shown with exclamation symbols and then specify the location of your drivers backup. Windows will automatically restore your drivers.via[techyfunn] 

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