How To Avoid Hash Fails Or Wasted Data In UTorrent

Recently I was downloading a simple file which is btw free, and I was getting these annoying messages in logger of hash fails on many files as it was running in loops without a break function. So I decided to stop the torrent for some time and search for cure (I has no problem until it got stuck at 99.9%). After spending a lot of time (Just few minutes to be exact), I found that the torrent files are being polluted by Anti-P2P organization. These organizations basically pollute the P2P networks with fake peers, which in turn send out corrupt data in order to waste your precious bandwidth, thus slowing your download transfer. If you’re downloading some copyrighted torrents, then things can get pretty serious for you, as these Anti-P2P agencies can verify your IP address and you know about the laws on piracy in your country (For people in my country, i.e, India there is no such thing as piracy law specially when you’re downloading content through Internet).
If you’re using UTorrent 1.5 or later, you can avoid these mishaps by using the IP Filtering option. In order to ban the IP addresses of Anti-P2P agencies, you have to follow these simple steps:
  • First download the latest blacklist from here
  • After Downloading, extract it and rename the file as “ipfilter.dat
  • Now start run (Win + R) and type “%AppData%uTorrent
  • Place the file in this location
  • Now start uTorrent and open preferences (Ctrl+P), then click on Advanced. Just scroll through the right panel to see if “ipfilter.enable” is set to true
  • Now the close the dialog box, and you’re set to download again
If you want to see if the ipfilter is loaded or not, you can check in the “Logging” tab of uTorrentvia[techyfuzz]

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