How to Stop Two YouTube Videos From Playing Simultaneously

If you have ever opened two web pages with embedded Youtube videos you know that it can happen that both videos start buffering and playing at the same time. That’s obviously a big issue as you can’t watch two videos with audio at the same time. Well, you can but it is not a pleasant thing to do, usually.
You do have a few options at your disposal to prevent that multiple YouTube videos start playing and buffering at the same time. The first option is click to play. This is a native feature that web browsers like Opera offer their users to prevent the automatic loading of plugin contents in the Internet browser.
This is an update to How To Stop Video Autoplay On Youtube which I have published in 2010. Several of the scripts and extensions are still available so that you can check it out as well for even more solutions.

Click to Play

opera click to play
Opera users need to enable the click to play functionality before it becomes available. This is done with a click on the Opera button in the top left corner, and the selection of Settings >Preferences, or with the hotkey Ctrl-F12.
Click on the Advanced tab in the preferences window, and there on Content in the left sidebar. Locate Enable plug-ins only on demand and check the option. Close the window again with a click on ok.
Chrome users can enable click to play in their browser as well. The easiest way to enable the option is to load chrome://chrome/settings/content in the address bar. You need to scroll down then until you see the Plug-ins preference, and enable the Click to play option there.
Mozilla plans to add click to play in one of the upcoming Firefox releases.

Browser Add-ons

If your web browser or choice is not supporting click to play, or if you prefer a different solution that does not require that much manual intervention to start videos in the browser, you’d may want to look for add-ons instead. Here is a selection of add-ons and userscripts that you can install in your browser to stop YouTube videos from playing automatically.
YouTube Center – The userscript is compatible with Chrome and Firefox. It displays preferences underneath the video on YouTube allowing you to configure it. Among the options are settings to disable auto-play and auto-buffering on YouTube, effectively stopping videos from playing simultaneously.
YouTube Options for Google Chrome – This Chrome extension can be used to disable auto-play (but bypass it if a playlist is played) and auto buffering on YouTube.
Yousable Tube Fix – This userscript works in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It can be used to stop autoplay and autobuffering, and a lot of other things.
Youtube AutoPlay Stopper – This Firefox add-on stops YouTube videos from auto playing. It basically adds click to play to Firefox on YouTube.

Closing Words

There is no solution that auto plays one video, and stops all others from playing while that one video plays on YouTube or a third party site where it has been embedded on. Blocking videos from playing automatically has the side effect, that you will also stop them from buffering, which can be beneficial in case you are using a slow Internet connection, or if a YouTube video is once again buffering slowly.via[ghacks]

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