Skype For iPhone Now Supports Multitasking; Drops Plan To Charge Monthly Fee To Make VoIP Calls Over 3G

Skype has finally released a new version of their iPhone app (Skype 2.0.1), which supports the much-awaited multitasking feature introduced in iOS 4.
The new version of Skype iPhone app can run in the background and will allow iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users to receive Skype calls while other apps are running just like the Phone app.
Skype announced the release of the new version of its iPhone app:
It allows you to make calls with high quality sound, and supports multitasking. This means you can receive Skype calls while other apps are running, even when your iPhone is locked. And during a call, you can keep the conversation going while you switch to another task, such as checking a movie listing or reading an email.
Skype has also updated the iPhone app’s graphics to support iPhone 4’s retina display.
When Skype released 2.0, which allowed users to make VoIP calls over 3G, they had announced plans to charge users a small monthly fee on top of operator charges for data to allow VoIP calls over 3G, which had not gone down well with users.
The good news is that Skype has also announced that they no longer have plans to charge users the monthly fee to make calls over 3G.
We’re still waiting for Skype to add video calling feature to its iPhone app for iPhone 4 users by making use of its front facing camera.
You can download Skype’s iPhone app for free using this iTunes link.
As always, please feel free to drop us a line in the comments to give us your feedback about Skype’s multitasking feature.
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