Sleep Preventer Blocks Your PC from Going Into Sleep Or Hibernate

Power Saving options supported by Windows Operating Systems are very useful for saving energy and our electricity bill of course. Power Saving is also an essential feature which should be used by everyone. Sometimes features like stand by or hibernate after certain time of inactivity can be little frustrating. You can either change your power plan settings from Control Panel -> Power Options. If you do this then you may have to change your system’s power plans again and again for time to time depending on your computer usage. This is where you can use Sleep Preventer.
Sleep Preventer is a very handy tool for Windows users who are fed of changing power plans from time to time for their daily computer usage. With it you can easily choose power saving plan from Windows power options and still doesn’t have to worry about your computer sleeping due to user inactivity.

Sleep Preventer Blocks Your PC from Going Into Sleep Or Hibernate
All you have to do run this small application, and click on Prevent Sleep, to prevent your computer from sleeping. If you want your display monitor in power saving after some time. Then you can do so by checking Allow display to sleep option. There is one more interesting thing about Sleep Preventer which I almost forgot to explain. You can either choose default infinite timer option which stops your PC from being going into stand by. Or you can choose from predefined time limits like 5, 10, 30 minutes and 1 hour and 2 hours. These time limits give you the ability to choose when you want your system to go to into stand by. Sleep Preventer can be toggled on or off from the system tray by right-clicking on the icon.
Sleep Preventer is an extremely handy application which gives the user the ability to stop their PC from going into sleep or hibernate state.via[techyfuzz]

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