Network Security Tools

Penetration  Testing

1. Nmap Port scanner Windows and Linux
2. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner Windows and Linux
3. Xprobe Operating System detection Linux
4. Ethereal Packet Sniffer Windows and Linux
5. J2SDK and JRE Java framework needed for many tools to run Windows and Linux
6. Citrix client Client used to connect to Citrix instance if running Windows
7. MySQL client Client used to connect to running MySQL database Windows and Linux
8. VNC Client Client used to connect to a running VNC server Windows
9. OAT Oracle enumeration toolkit Windows and Linux
10. Tnscmd.pl Oracle enumeration tool Windows and Linux
11. Wget Website downloader Windows and Linux
12. Tsgrinder Terminal Services brute force password cracker Windows
13. SqlPing3 MS-SQL enumeration Windows
14. Orabf Oracle brute force password crackers Windows and Linux
15. Checkpwd Oracle brute force password crackers Windows and Linux
16. Explore2fs Copying files on local Linux partition to Windows Windows
17. Getif SNMP enumeration Windows
18. Enum Check for null session establishment Windows
19. Site-Digger Google hacking Windows
20. httprint Web server fingerprinting Windows
21. Cerebrus FTP server Simple FTP server used when you need to upload tools on to the server Windows
22. Netcat Create a listener on remote host once you’re in Windows and Linux
23. Screenshooter Used to take quick screenshots using predefined hotkeys Windows
24. Resource Kit tools Numerous windows tools to enumerate various service offered by the Windows OS Windows
25. Lsnrcheck Enumerate Oracle listener Windows
26. Putty Establish connections to open ports Windows
27. Cain and Abel ARP poisoning and brute forcing various types of passwords among many others Windows
28. Adfind and LdapMiner Enumerate Active Directory objects Windows
29. Nikto Web vulnerability scanner Windows and Linux
30. P0f Passive OS fingerprinting Windows and Linux
31. Metasploit Canned exploit tool Windows and Linux
Application Security Assessment

1. Paros Web proxy interceptor and editor Windows
2. WinHex RAM content viewer Windows
3. WpePro Real time Packet editor (Thick client ) Windows
4. EchoMirage Function call interceptor (Thick client ) Windows
5. ITR Application traffic interceptor (Thick client ) Windows
6. FileMon Identifies files that the application accesses while running Windows
7. RegMon Identify registry keys that the application accesses while running Windows
8. DllHell Identify DLL files that the application uses to run Windows
9. TcpView Identifies connections to and from local running processes Windows
10. JsView Firefox extension which picks out all the running Javascripts on that web page Windows and Linux
11. View_source_chart Firefox extension which displays HTML source cleanly Windows and Linux
12. Smbrelay Intercepts SMB traffic Windows

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