AirServer 4.0: Mirror of IOS on OS X

So fast that goes into the world of software. Yesterday Reflection presented, as is currently the version 4.0 of AirServer fluttered into the house. What is AirServer?AirServer bring the display together with notes of iPad or iPhone to your Mac OS X.And who in addition to using Android DoubleTwist AirServer that can also stream audio.
From the IOS device to stream video? Jau. Photos? Jau. Music? Jau. Games? Also. The update to the new version 4.0 comes with support for hardware acceleration in graphics, making it a tooth that is faster than pure mirroring on the Apple TV. So you can - MacBook or iMac, provided sophisticated games via AirPlay from IOS device to the OS X-stream device.
First, though brief conclusion? Faster than Reflection, super broken. The software as such costs, as well as reflection, $ 14.99, the proposed update of 3.99 to book. Who wants to reflect on the large display, presentations and would like to play games, which looks at the AirServer times. Tip: Real Racing 2 HD trying times. iPad as a map, the big screen as a visual field!via[Caschys]

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