Android Jelly Bean is the first device from ASUS?

A few days ago I've written here about the Ice Cream Sandwich's successor, we can expect from Google. Even if it was even now not confirmed at MWC in Barcelona, ​​we all expect that the new version is heard on the name Jelly Bean. In the comments there was a fascinating discussion in which there was a question of whether it is really his name or whether this Jelly Bean = Android 5.0 will be. One or the other questions the jelly bean is actually a completely new version, and instead may be released as 4.x.
I can not connect me because the announcement from Google is that you want to drive a big update per year, so I type sometimes that of Jelly Bean will be the fifthFurther confirmation for it from ASUS, the report also now have their say. Compared to TechRadar spoke to ASUS as follows:
Asus is very close to Google, so once they have Android 5.0 I think there will be a high Possibility that we will be the first wave to offer the Jelly Bean update.
Could be that we get to see a new transformer pad from ASUS, which could be the debut for Jelly Bean. Frankly, it's me because then lath, if the OS is called Jelly Bean or J√§germeister, or whether it is version 5.0 or 4.99. Google has taken a major step in the right direction with Ice Cream Sandwich. Technically, anyway, but also in terms of this proliferation of versions. So I'm looking forward to what we can offer Jelly Bean/5.0/whatever and would also certainly pleased if ASUS would provide the first device to do so.
We have also heard from HTC and LG, are legitimate hope that you make, the next Nexus phone to be quite early, which is a jelly bean publication. What do you say?Want to see her an ASUS device, prefer LG or HTC - or do you have a very different company to the screen - such as Huawei, which now also be difficult to gas?
Source: Engadget

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