How To Mute All The Sounds Coming From Firefox Browser

Many people get annoyed by the irritating sound coming for flash animation opened in one of firefox browser tab. It gets even more irritating if you’re talking to someone whether on the phone or in person and the most annoying part is that you don’t know how to stop it.
Muter is a firefox extension that gives you the support to mute all the sounds coming from your firefox browser. It simply adds a single button to your browser’s status bar and with just a click all the sounds coming from your browser gets muted and vice versa can be done to turn the sound back on. Just for your information muter just mute the sound coming for firefox, all the other stuffs like video or audio keep working.
If you install this extension a green status bar icon will indicate that the sound is currently enabled and a black one will denote that the sound is disabled.
muter for firefox
Just for those people who doesn’t want to install this add-on they can simple press Ctlr+Alt+M to simply mute the sound coming form your firefox browser.via[techyfunn]

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