How To Shutdown And Reboot Windows 8

We have seen many people having problems in finding the shutdown,standby, and restart buttons in Windows 8. At first I couldn’t find it myself but I have my own ways to shutdown PC and with a little work I found the settings panel.
How To Shutdown Or Reboot PC
All you have to do is move your mouse towards the right-hand corner and the Charms menu will slide or you can use (Win+C) to open the Charms menu also.
windows 8 charms menu
Now click on the Settings and you’ll be able to see the power button icon. You can even use the shortcut key (Win+I) to do open Settings directly.
windows 8 settings tab
Now this one is the simplest way and works for any Windows Operating System. Just press Win+Lto lock your PC and then choose to Shutdown or Reboot your PC from the power button at the bottom-right corner.via[techyfuzz]

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