How To Turn Off Windows 8 Defender

We think many Windows 8 users might have noticed that Windows 8 has provided users with bothWindows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials in one package. At times people tend to install third-party application that the inbuilt defender reference as malware. For this you have to turn off or disable Windows Defender for some time. You need to also disable Windows Defender in case of any antivirus+firewall installation as both doesn’t prosper.
So to disable Windows 8 Defender all you have to is follow these simple steps:
  • Goto C:\Program Files & open Windows Defender folder.
  • Now open MSASCui by right-clicking on it and choose Run as administrator.
  • opening windows 8 defender
    The Windows Defender windows will open. Now click on the Settings tab.
  • settings tab in windows 8 defender
    In the Settings tab’s left panel choose Administrator and uncheck the box Use this program. Click Save changes button which will cause a conformation Window to appear saying Windows Defender has been turned off and isn’t monitoring your computer.
  • windows 8 defender
    Now to disable Microsoft Security Essentials (Default Windows 8 antivirus) click on Real-time protection and uncheck Turn on real-time protection.
windows 8 defender

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