Play Tetris In UTorrent To Kill Download Time

Whenever the torrents being currently downloaded is close to completion people tend to stop there work and wait for it (Only if the torrent being downloaded is worth something). Many of you must have observed that around the time of completion the download speed basically goes down a bit, so the time to wait increases a little bit.
Just to overcome this waiting period you can play tetris in uTorrent. Even though there is no direct way to open tetris in uTorrent but you can do so by following these simple steps:
  • Launch uTorrent and click on the Help menu
  • uTorrent
    Click on About uTorrent option
  • uTorrent
    Now About box will come up, press “T” key to launch tetris.
The game will launch and you can control the blocks with left and right arrow keys and rotate the blocks with up and down arrow keys.

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