New sharing button for Google +

Google has left overnight for something new to the web sites of the world from the basement. The Sharing button. Logical conclusion. So far I could push on valiantly somewhere +1 to express my good will. That's great, but no one is interested - because Google + you do not get with that. While on Facebook Like one shows up and is visible - so I advise my contacts, it remains to Google + still. Although you got to click on +1 is the ability to sharen the article, but this required a second interaction.
For this reason, Google has now begun to provide webmasters a sharing button on the side. About this your article can then be shared directly from your readers about Google + in their own circles. I'm also just about the install here in my blog, but so far the dusselige button will not take the article URL, as it makes the +1 button.Well, you are allowed to investigate themselves and build, along with the codes button adjustments you can you tap here .via[Caschy]

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