Tethering with iPad - if your rate is true

The new iPad can now tethering. Wow! Brief Information for people who do not know what tethering is: a way to link the data to be shared with multiple devices. A setting that I on my Android smartphone like, tethering, and bang, I can go with a notebook into the network. I've been looking forward a little when I heard that come along with the new iPad tethering function is. Had they even announced full-bodied . And now, just imagine - the network operators have started the necessary update to the device.
We hold that when Android can open standard NEN hotspot, no matter what sort of a collective one. Not so with the iPad. For there is no data plan right data plan.Although you can now open via iPad a hotspot, but not every provider with any tariff. Imagine, you are on Vodafone. It has a tariff with 5 GB of data on my account. Then one can say that everything is clear, enjoy surfing with the new iPad and the function of the tethering.

Works even when you're directly in the telecoms, or O2, so it wrote at least the pot from Jens blog yesterday. But what if you are indeed on the Vodafone network, but your card is of clear cell or by 1 & 1? Well, stupid - I have the fun here tested, as I fly around habe.Geht various SIMs, ie not both. Does Vodafone directly, yes, Vodafone network via mobile or plain 1 & 1 - no hotspot available. Why is this so?It's simple: Apple's providers the ability to allow various types of use via software or not.

That's great on one side, because the data APN (access point data), with whom they claim to be used the Internet server, you do not need to enter manually. On the other hand, it is also really stupid, as the official provider can also specify that certain settings are not visible and therefore not changeable. See the Vodafone network via Klarmobil and 1 & 1 - is certainly in others, so I could not test.
Ne is of course silly thing for those who have been looking forward to the tethering.I personally think it's even unbelievable that it does not function in these various providers - I put the same card into a mobile hotspot or my Android-powered smartphone, this works so well. What can we do about it? Well, either they resort to the expensive rates - although I am of the opinion that such programs should also support non lungs. Alternative: iPad boycott to use Android tablet. Or, as I now solvent, surfing with a mobile hotspot. So, that was once on the side of criticism .

Now comes the part of people who have no problem with the use of expensive hotspot in the world. Should you a new iPad and a provider that supports iPad tethering, then you can see the settings if they are not yet visible, as follows unlock: Settings> General> About. Then would come the information that an update is available. This should install it. After having done this, should the respective hotspot functions under Settings> Network to be seen.via[Caschys]

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